Racing Challenger

(Max Evil) #1

Here is my latest “project”
Dodge Challenger GTR, gt racing concept version of 2010 Challenger :smiley:

Blender 2.49b
Final comp in PS



(arbuz1994) #2

great work.looks very realistic

(WombatCombat) #3

Fantastic! Very dramatic. I can Almost smell the rubber and hear the revs. Fire looks a little odd, a bit too much like.

(JayDez) #4

Looks very good, and very dramatic too. However as was already said, the fire looks a bit too much like a paint-over, and doesn’t maintain the same feel as the rest of the render (the smoke looks good though). Overall however, you did a fantastic job.

(Max Evil) #5

Tnx for the comments :o

(tahseen) #6

Max Evil,

Can you explain how you did this rendering? I am amazed. Please create a video demostration using Jing

I loved this render with this animation blur. Too good

(neblender) #7

Wow, Gooood !

(Max Evil) #8

There really isnt much into it, the scene setup is actually quite simple: car, “background”, 1 sun lamp.

the motion effect and few extras are added in post pro in photoshop (im quite sure u can find many tutorials how do to it if look)…


(bileyg) #9

Great! Seems like NFS Shift official screenshots. I like your work.

(Greg Zaal) #10

You’re gonna have to post some wires, i cant believe my eyes!!! the motion blur is a little odd… all coming out the center like that, not realistic… but still nice model (if is not a photo :wink: )

(Max Evil) #11

already posted a blender scene view few comments above, but here it is again:

as for the motion blur u can get same effect in rl if u are traveling same speed as your subject and zooming in/out with ur camera…

(lasner12) #12

Overall however, you did a fantastic job.

(timgrindall) #13

Very cool. Flames don’t look quite right though (maybe more sparking or internal variation?), and something doesn’t look quite right about the motion-blur. Otherwise, awesome image.

(Octopus4) #14

the things that butcher it is the [card trees] :frowning:

(tahseen) #15

Hey Max,

How do you do the texturing? Do you use transparent JPEG? I mean the “BridgeStone” is not patching the car paint. Instead it looks it is on top of it as a sticker.

Please explain how you did it.

(_LsBlend) #16

I agree, the picture is fantastic but the card trees ruin it, it looks ridiculously splotchy there, instead find a continuous picture of a hill with trees instead of making one :slight_smile:

(Max Evil) #17

The car is with fully unwraped uv layout, all the paint and logos are on one texture…

this is what it looks like, a scaled down version(original is 2048x2048):


(tahseen) #18

You made this yourself of you got it from somewhere?

(ShingWanTin) #19

How many polys? Nice work, by the way…

(Max Evil) #20

Of course its made by me, u dont get these stuff laying around somewhere :wink:

How many polys? Nice work, by the way…
slightly over 18k poly

here is some more stuff

an interior:

and a small video with 360 of a car LINK