Racing Hoverbike (A Road Trip in 2116 Contest)

Hi everyone! I’d like to show you my entry for latest Allegorithmic contest. I got 8th place :slight_smile:
I used Blender and Zbrush for modeling and Substance Painter for texturing. I’ve learnt some new techniques and it was a great opportunity to try them in practice.

Hope you like it!



Congrats! Render in cycles or iray?

Congrats and very nice, like to get my arse in that seat. :evilgrin:


Thank you everyone!

@parel: I used Cycles.

Love this!!:slight_smile:

Thanks @jim trim!

technically great work. near to reality. would love to see an animation of it hovering up and down a little. but i cannot see where to put the knees and feet.

Thanks @S-Markt! Animation will be a bit weird without a rider :slight_smile: I will think about it in the future.
Btw, there is a lot of place for legs:

ok, i was blind but now i see. i thought in dimensions of a real motorcycle but this is up to three times longer. now it makes sense. i had a hovering animation in mind where the bike stands still only changing the hight a little bit and a “wooa wooa” sound at low level.

Stunning. The realism is fantastic.

@S-Markt: Yeah, I see what you mean. I will think about it in the future.

Dont foricbly need a driver ( even if you have… a naked one ( its summer anyway hé hé ) … rig some parts of the engine as exhaust and do a cool animation of it…

Really nice work, a lot of details where it is needed, and smooth parts for make rest the eyes . really cool .

i asked where the driver has to put his feet and Mac put the driver on the seat to show me. he wasn´t meant to stay there

That was just a llittle joke on my side … nothing serious.

Fantastic work!!!

Awww, that colors…
Really stunning and impressive!

Thank you guys!

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thank you guys.

I’m not sure if it’s a good place for this post :slight_smile: