Radeon HD 6xxx and Blender on Windows

Hello everyone. I was thinking of upgrading my 8800gt to a newer card, and after reading the issues people are having with the GTX 400 and 500 series I decided to start looking at AMD cards. I have heard some conflicting views when it comes to Radeons and Blender compatibility though these usually have something to do with the drivers for linux and older models/drivers of the cards. Does anyone have any experience using the newer AMD cards with Blender on Windows and do they have a significant performance advantage over the GTX400 and 500 series cards? Thanks.

Yes, i’ve an ati radeon with amd (6870) and ther’s no problem at the moment :wink:

Thanks! That’s good to know

radeon 6950 … been having no problems until recently… the 2.57 releases make my graphics driver freeze up after using blender for ~ half an hour.
trying to fix this now… doesn’t seem to be a common issue tho.