Radeon Pro Duo Question


I am looking into the Radeon Pro Duo card. It seems to be two cards in one unit. It has a total of 32 GB of ram. 16 GB per card. Does this mean if my rendering requires more the 16 GB of ram to render, then the rendering will fail?



You have a 16 Gb framebuffer per card. Everything bigger gets paged out using OpenCL. If textures get paged the Speed penalty is about 20 ish % - if geometry on a very very very large scene has also to be paged out the hit will be harder. Altho you CAN render bigger Scenes than 16GB with that card.

Using a RX 480 8GB i can render 27GB Scenes ( i got nothing bigger ) with about 28% speed Penalty due to ram paging.

The pro Duo are great cards & value for this job.


Fully agreed with Alirion.

If you can afford one or two, get them.

Thanks for the information. I went ahead and bought the card. Glad to hear that it buffers instead of just failing the render like my GTX 970.