Radeon RX 5700/5700XT and Blender

Hello everybody!
Reviews for new Radeons are finally out! :partying_face: But I didn’t find any result from Blender - I saw only Luxmark results, and this results are disappoint for me… So I’m curious how this card can handle Blender…
Is there anybody, who have experience with this new AMD’s card in Blender?


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I watched one review, and they were complaining that the drivers for the 5700/xt were crashing out on compute workloads and the only compute benchmark they could get to run was something like luxmark / vray.

give it a few months, especially with blender 2.8 coming out and significantly improving opencl suport… hopefully can catch up with nvidia!

Yes, same in anandtech review…

LTT managed to benchmark it, looks like they are using blender 2.8… maybe thats why other places couldnt benchmark it if they were using 2.79 there has been significant opencl changes since then.

Anyway heres the link to the benchmark! https://youtu.be/3bmQPx9EJLA?t=438



2070 super > 5700XT > 5700 > 2070 > 2060 Super > 2060.

Pretty sure the improved 2070 super perf in blender is coming from it being a cut down 2080 chip now instead of a beefy 2060 chip.

Thank you, for the link!
Right now is 5700/5700XT behind my expectation. I’m running on 1080 at home and on 2070 at office. I’m looking for update of my home desktop in near future…
I’ll probably wait for next iteration, since I’m +/- satisfied with my current setup…

If anyone else is wondering how this compares to a RX Vega 64 (I have the Red Devil version). I quickly ran the Benchmark 3 times and averaged the results.
BMW 1:53
Classroom 3:51

Did not expect the 5700 (non XT) to come this close to a Vega 64, since it features only 36 CUs. Looking forward to the upcoming 5800/5900 cards :smiley:.

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and what is the rx 5700 numbers?

tl/dw: LTT numbers from the youtube video above:

BMW 1:45
Classroom 3:29

BMW 1:56
Classroom 3:58