Radeon RX 5700 XT very close to GeForce RTX 2080 Ti in OpenCL

I wonder how it handles advanced scenes? As AMD was good on simple scenes but when it came to more complex scenes it was quite slow.

Yes would be great if someone could benchmark one of those cards with the blender benchmark tool…


I would like to chime in, with my +1 for testing either of 5700 and 5700 XT performance in Blender.


So, anybody out there who has these cards in hand? how do they perform in cycles and eevee?

So far there are multiple reports that the cards do not currently work with Blender 2.80 RC, and that there are OpenCL issues with other software. There are reports that they work in 2.79b (not sure about 2.79 experimental).

If you’ve had success with one of the new AMD cards it would be really great to hear about it!

Ton and the Blender developers are aware of the issues, and while it may simply be new-hardware driver software issues that AMD can resolve, I think they have the connections in AMD to get access to test hardware if required etc. The active ticket for this is:


The issues preventing the new AMD cards from working with Blender have been addressed in the latest driver from AMD. I don’t know that anyone has tested the OpenCL support with Cycles yet, but Blender in general should now work.

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It should be noted that it is beyond trivial to spoof these results.


I’m not sure what you mean by this. But Here’s what I’ll say. I work on ProRender for AMD, (check out our blender addon!) . Without Quoting numbers in RPR under OpenCL, render times for 5700XT cards are similar and sometimes slightly better than Radeon VII.

And you can look up Radeon VII benchmarks here independently here: https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/amd-radeon-vii-vega-20-7nm,5977-4.html

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All I meant is that results in crowdsourced benchmarking databases like Geekbench are very easy to spoof.

Have you any info regarding upcoming macOS 5700XT drivers?

Matt Knoff in the support ticket said that it’s working fine in OpenCL Cycles mode and he’s done around 50 renders without problems.

Wil’ This release have any impact on nvidia price ?

I don’t know what is going on the RDNA rendering performance but it suck badly under Luxcore and Luxmark 3.1

In production like scene 5700xt perform like the old Rx 580.

Luxmark hotel bench :
Rx 580 ====== 2800
Rx 5700xt === 3060
Vega 56 ===== 4400
Vega 64 ===== 6000

We really hope it is a driver limited performance.
It doesn’t make sense when you compare raw teraflops number.

Quick followup on this. Many review sites stated OpneCL was broken on release and many OpenCL apps like Blender were not functional. Do you know if this is now fixed?

I’m definitely waiting for RX 5800/5900 when they come out, as I have 4 Vega cards so for now it’s more the sufficient for rendering. But so far I have yet to see many sites showing Blender rx 5700xt performance.

Blender is running fine on the XT now, in benchmarks it’s around the same as the VII, VII comes out roughly 5% faster right now. It is however worth remembering that Navi has made some big changes to the compute system, so that small gap is likely to get smaller with a bit more Navi specific optimization.



Even if it is the same speed in Blender now when the RTX update for Cycles comes out RTX cards are going to be 2x faster rendering. It’s no contest. Get an RTX card. Save $$$ on electricity. Render faster.

When you compare Prorender to Cycles they should change the name to Slowrender. It’s like 15x slower than Cycles with way less features.

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Why is the 5700 xt so slow on Luxcore if it is close to a Vega 7 on cycles and prorender ?

Do we need driver optimisation from AMD or change in our fully Opencl Luxcore code ?

LuxMark v3.1 is very old and doesn’t include much of latest LuxCoreRender code (so LuxCoreRender could still run faster … or slower). It looks also like AMD had some quite broken driver so be sure to compare results obtained with exactly the same driver version.

how did you get these resutls, as in how does one find other comparisions, want to see Vega 56/64 but no clue how to pull that.

Still, that’s some solid numbers. Getting tempted of getting one to augment my Vega Lineup.