Radial / Angular Gradient to rotate around a cylinder

Referring to the image below, if this knob element were a basic cylinder, what node setup allows me to take a gradient and orient it to move around the faces of the body like a clock, from 12 o’clock moving clockwise?

well as always, despite having spent hours trying to figure this out and find a solution, i found THE one right after I posted this question.

Here’s the answer I found.

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I did it in 2.82 a but don’t get same wave texture node ?

which version did u use ?

where did u set the seams on this for UV ?

are top and bottom Ngon ?

happy bl

I forgot to upload the screenshot of the UV map, apologies!

I unwrapped that part of the knob and positioned the center of its circular layout at the 0u, 0v coordinate.

I’m realizing if I unwrapped this so these faces in a linear rectangle, I could probable just have used a linear gradient and solved this headache more simply.

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