Radial Array using Array Modifier instead of Spin Tool

This short tutorial describes how to perform a Radial Array or Circular Array using the Array modifier.

here is a quick demo video.
Blender 2.5 Radial Array
Blender 2.5 Radial Array - HD link
with further explanations in the description.

below is the older post relating to this topic, which might still be useful to someone.

benefit : the modifier lets you continuously edit geometry without having to re-spin the selection as would be required when using the mesh-spin-tool…

a few simple steps :
the object will be named ‘mech_p1’

  1. Determine the center-point that you want to array around, set your 3d Cursor there.
  2. Create an empty, name it ‘mech_p1_MT’ (MT for Empty)
  3. Divide 360 by the amount of total array objects you want. (example 5, so 360 / 5 = 72)
  4. Select ‘mech_p1_MT’ hit R (to rotate),then type X,Y or Z (for axis control), type 72, and hit Enter to complete the rotation.
  5. Select ‘mech_p1’, go to Modifiers, Add Modifier, choose Array
  6. In the Array Modifier: check Object Offset, and add ‘mech_p1_MT’ to the box below it.
  7. In the Array Modifier: un-check Relative Offset and Constant Offset
  8. In the Array Modifier: check Merge and First Last (Note: Pay attention to the Distance value : read below )
  9. Set the Count slider to (in this case) 5.


  1. The more exact you are with your geometry before the Radial Array process, the less likely you are to come across vertices that don’t join.
  2. recalculate normals (ctrl+n) on the mesh if you get banding (black surface colours)
  3. Distance value controls like ‘Remove Doubles’ how close vertices must be before they get merged automatically.
    this is especially noticeable if you have tight edge-loops. If you find vertices merging that you don’t want to merge, then use the edge-length tool (3dview - hit N, scroll down to Mesh Display ) to find out what a more suitable Distance value is for the merge option. ( ie, if vertices between an edge of length 0.003 get merged undesirably then set the Distance value to something smaller than 0.003 )

Nice solution, thank you! WebRep

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