Radial procedural texture

I want to create a stylistic cartoon sun with wide sunrays on a flat face, I tried using the internal “wood” procedural texture with the setting “band” or “rings”, with no success.

Can someone tell me how I can achieve alternating bands of colour from a central source withgout UV mapping or texture painting?


Use a Blend Texture set to Spherical with a color ramp

Apply a blend texture with spherical shape and a ramp driving the colors.

Or you can apply a ramp in the diffuse channel and then use a spherical alpha map for clipping the edges of your flat surface. Doing this in the materials section allows you to visualize through GLSL texture shading the changes you are making on the fly. Mess around with the interpolation of the blend to either achieve smooth transition or hard lines between color bands.

Maybe this is what you wanted? I have no idea…

Thanks ajm and Zalamander.

@ ajm
No i wanted to have alternating bands of rays origination fro the center of the circle mesh. Straight wide lines coming from the center outwards not concentric bands of colour

You can actually do that without modelling the the actual rays by using an alpha map to define the shape of the rays. I’ll work on something in a bit to show you what I mean, but if you could come up with a concept image (drawing or something) I wouldn’t be taking a shot in the dark here :).

Hey ajm, this is almost what I was aiming for http://labs.chemist2dio.com/tag/illustrator-sunrays


This may be what you are looking to do then. This should get you on the right track.

I created the alpha in Blender instead of illustrator but you can do it any way you like.

You could use a radial blend with a ramp to define the number and width of the rays.

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Great! Thanks guys!

See, multiple ways…good luck!

Strange, I cant seem to find the “radial ramp” setting in 2.57, could someone post the steps to get there?


Here’s an example with four rays:

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YESSSSSS!!! GREAT! Thanks MCollett

Is there some way to just repeat the radial pattern automatically N times instead of making it all N times by hand in the editor? I have a radial “rainbow” with many colors [about 10] and if I want it to repeat e.g. 7 times, how can I do that without putting 70 swatches in the editor by hand? I just want to set these 10 colors once and tell Blender to repeat the whole pattern 7 times.