Radial Texture in Node Editor?

I feel like this should be very intuitive, but why can’t I see a radial gradient in this eyeball?
Blender scene file also attached. Thank you for your help in advance!

radial_texture.blend (606 KB)

don’t worry its not intuitive and theres many ways to skin this problem

Is this what you’re after? https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/42304/radial-colorramp-gradient-texture

I made a quick demonstration eye, using radial texture and a spherical texture for the pupil. I use a UV map to separate he iris. Note the mapping node is set to 0.5 for x and y coordinates to center the texture in the UV map.

3point, thank you for the detailed graph!
Unfortunately I am having trouble seeing the exact values on your mapping node. You said you are using .5 on x and y scale, but it honestly looks like .25 on x y and z. It also looks like you adjusted your location on the mapping node.

I’ve tried to use your graph as a guide but to no avail. How did you UV map it? Spherical mapping? I used projecting mapping from the front.

Here’s another blend file and a screen shot. Thanks in advance for any insight!radial_texture.blend (557.6 KB)

OKAY, I’m kind of getting it, but it totally seems like there should be an easier way.
I wish I could see this gradient in my UV image editor