Radio cactus microphone

I made this as a logo for a conference my dad is putting on. It didn’t take me all that long to model the microphone, but getting the textures and UV mapping was a pain in the butt, especially since it was my first time really trying to UV map. I’ve showed it to a few people, who commented on how it looks kind of like a “spikey pickle”, when its supposed to be a cactus. I couldn’t figure out how to make it look any better (lack of time and lack of motivation) anyhoo, c&c is welcomed

it looks like the spines are on the depressions instead of the edges, and the spines all look alike. but since you have a lack of motivation that means you dont have to care about what i just said.

Huh. Looks awful, but I can’t see why you’d care. Looks like it served its purpose just fine.

looks fine to me other the spikes should be on the raised portions. anyone who says it looks awful is probably just being negative and rude. not to mention maybe they (anogarir) should learn how to model before crapping on the models of others.

No offense to anyone, but I agree completely, lol.

whether or not you like it is irrelevant if you don’t say why. if you just say ‘i think this sucks’ that helps noone. if you say ‘this is really great’,…at least that is uplifting, but to just say ‘this sucks’ is uncalled for imo.

I think it looks quite effective,nice job

lol, a wide range of responses. I know that it doesn’t look all that great; most of my time was spent tweaking the position of the text and emailing the picture to my dad for more suggestions and moving of the logos etc.
if I had more time, I would probably model a bit more of the cactus part, and find a better texture.

I liked this.
It was simplistic - but I don’t think you would have wanted anything else.

Part of my desperately wants to change the color and font of the text while another part of me remembers that this picture really needs to suit a purpose.

The only thing I would comment on is that I don’t think that texturing of the bottom of the microphone stand fits in this picture. Would have been better to leave it without. Just my opinion though.


anogarlr and ataryu: What the hell is the matter with you? Let me show you how you COULD’VE been useful but instead made idiots of yourselfs:

Mr. Jedi: Although I dont agree with the color scheme, the model seems to be accurate and the composistion gets your point across just fine. Personally, I wouldn’t have used as much refllection, even though I know that the actual microphone holder is chrome.

You might also try changing the font of the text, as mentioned by celab72, to something less ‘default’ :wink:

The texturing on the cactus was good, although you might next time give it a bump and spec map. Also, (you may have done this but I didnt notice) try pressing the cspec button in the materials window. This lets the texture effect the spec color of the material.

All in all, I think you did a nice job of conveying your idea and composing an effective peice. Nice work.

Keep blending mate.

You should study things more carefully before you bash people. I was agreeing with modron, not with anogarlr. And everyone had already posted anything I had to say, so I had no comments. I don’t bash people randomly, its not to my costumes.

Y’know, you could diddle with such a thing forever. But you might be, as I heard once, “designing a particularly beautiful arch to put over the doorway … of a grocery store.” When you achieve an image that serves its purpose well enough,stop! :smiley:

This is definitely “FISI” … (:o it, ship it… ) :wink:

WhoooooWEE! That was quite a response. Last time I get on here in a bad mood. Hey, I quite apologize and rescind my uncalled for negative comments. Keep it up. It looks good for its purpose, I’m sure all of the folks who saw it loved it.

Ataryu: You see where my confusion came from though right?

You said no offense to anyone so i supposed that you were speaking in regards to the peice.

I apologize.

Yes I understand, I should have been more clear. I think this is great work for its purpose. And I would have been offended if it was my work that Anogarlr was commenting on :expressionless: but he apologized, so everything is great, lol.

This is a super good cactus tutorial for wings I just found, and it looks extra good even without textures.

Maybe you could put this inside of a metal microphone mesh that is transparent enough to show the cactus, or just keep what you have.