Radiosity and materials

Hiyas, working on a room scene and I have alot of stuff in it. I have 3 emitters. Thing is, the room is so small that I want to do the radiosity calc ONE time with everything in it. The problem is, when I replace meshes it says I can’t have more than 16 materials to that mesh. How do I get it to give more than one radiosity mesh that spread out these materials among them? I did it once where I got 4 radiosity meshes, but it tried to put all the materials on ONE mesh and just radiosity calcs in the other 3.

Please help :frowning: I can do a different radiosity calc for every piece in the room, but it’s a big pain!

the problem is not the 16 materials messing up the radiosity calculation, it is that it tries to put all of the radiosity solution mesh into one object (only split into multiple ones if the maximum face/vertex counts are exceeded)

so, you should be able to do the calculation fine, but you will have to reassign materials.

note: the materials are duplicated if used in multiple objects. Say you have a number of lamp-shaped-emitters as seperate objects, their material would be counted for each of them. Combine such objects.

ok, now, you ought to be able to run a radiosity calculation and generate a mesh (preferrably) but before you do that: press set smooth (even on flat surfaces, you need to create your own seams ideally) and remove the doubles on as much as possible, it will make the reassigning materials much easier. Once you have the solution mesh you can select parts of it (that were set smoothed, if you don’t each subdivision of a flat face is not connected to the rest…) and seperate (p key) and whatever as necescary. Do the stuff you need with the material indicies and whatnot, it is a bit of work. (I have a file where I did this, maybe I’ll upload it…)

edit, use the L key to select linked parts of a mesh.

So, I need to manually break up the radiosity mesh and re-assign the materials. Rats. I was using empty’s for the materials to avoid that, oh well. Thanks Zero.