Radiosity and textures... and some other stuff :|

OK, my q&a… can you put a visible bump map texture on a radiosity object? Because it just kinda kills it after I use radiosity… and can you animate the radiosity? in other words, can you animate a vcol light texture? anyway, lemme know, if ya know, if ya don’t, oh well…
Please [>] help [!]

as a forum guru schouldnt you know that?

as far as i know the vertex color information is not animatable.

bevor you do the radiosity calc. link the bumb map to an empty and for your pumpkin choose object and not orco etc and enter the name of the empty for object. you bump map should be there even after the radiosity calc.


You can animate the radiosity. You just have to go frame by frame and do the calculation every frame. Then composite the images in the sequence editor. That is if your character of object is moving. If you just want the camera moving, then it’s no problem.


I thought I’d hafta do it that way… thanks for the help guys- appreciate it

For bump map with radiosity, you need to have at least one spot ligth for shadows calculation or the bump map won’t appear.


cool, thanks again! now it’ll work… %| :smiley:

A pumpkin…in a microwave? :smiley:

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ah crap, I tried, but I guess blender took over…

The numbers on a microwave are the other way up - like the numbers on a phone rather than on a calculator.

whoops… thanks for reminding me