Radiosity, BS exporter, Vertex Colours

I’m trying to get radiosity solutions exported with X3D/VRML files…either one. I select the checkbox in the exporter script’s GUI, and see no reference to vertex colours in the resulting files (X3D or VRML). Neither do they show up in WireFusion, when I import the object.

Jan with Demicron is being helpful, so I thought I’d try to find out something from the Blender end of things…to help things along.

I wipe my material links, I make sure there’s no UV image mapped to the object, and still I see the radiosity solution in texture mode–so I’m assuming the radiosity solution is still present as vertex colours. I even pressed the “vert col: make” button in the edit window (F9), and that didn’t seem to help.

As an alternative to exporting the solution as vertex colours, I’ve tried using the BRayBaker 3.4 script, and come away with a texture that is almost right–yet it maps with blue lines at the edge of each face.

I really don’t want to wade into 3DS…I don’t like the interface and long boot time for that overblown program.

Any takers on this problem?

I’m struggling too for exporting vertex colors. The exporter you mentioned worked for me (I tried it 5 minutes ago!). I found a pretty well done guide here
I exported a very simple cube which -miracle- has preserved vertex colors.
I hope I have been useful.


Thanks for the reply. I was a little embarrassed that I hadn’t gone over the instructions for the exporter, yet I still can’t get a proper export.

I’ll try completely starting over from scratch, following instructions, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll try manually painting vertex colours and then exporting…just to get something happening.