Radiosity help

I am having trouble learning how to use the radiosity setting on my model. It is the first time that I have tried to use it and I keep on getting odd shadows in the render. I’m sure I must be making a simple mistake.

Render Image:

Screen Image:

Any help would be greatly appriciated.

i still haven’t figured radiosity out yet. :expressionless:

but i think you might need a hemisphere around your scene

good luck with your project :smiley:

No… That’s for fake GI :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not quite sure what your problem is IbJ but I would recomend you set max iterations to about 300 or so.

Yes, definitely up the max iterations. Also, try subdividing your planes for the walls and the floor a couple of times.

Moved this to Blender General as well, as this is a question.


Also, it looks like you have duplicate objects. The box seems to be intersecting with another box just like it.

Well it seems to be working now, thanks for the help. I think the main problem, as bmax suggested, was that the new mesh added with Radiosity was in the same place as the original mesh, so I moved the Radiosity mesh to another layer.

Rendered Image:

I was also wondering how to make the ‘walls’ show more colour variation, like in this image:

You need a finer mesh, and if your radiosity calculation time is to short, you need a closed environment. Otherwise the light energy vanishes to fast.

also, the cornell box pictures don’t have the walls emitting light… they have the light emitted from that square on the top