radiosity problem

i have a little problem: when i try to render this basic scene with radiosity the result is the one in the picture below (the weird thing is that after i render the scene the radiosity solution from the radiosity panel disappears and i have to hit “go” again)

You are suppose to hit ‘replace mesh’ button after you are done baking.

also, after that, click on ‘free radio data’ to clean up the unneeded mesh.

did that answer your question?

no:o, maybe its something else:confused:

you are baking radiosity, right? not using the radio render function found under the render panel?

I am not sure what the picture is suppose to look like, but in order for lights to bounce around and cast soft shadows, you’ll need a ‘room’ to enclose the lamp(which i assume is the top object) and the two cubes. If you already have a cube as a room, make sure you flip the normals(ctrl+shift+N) so that the normals are pointed inwards.

If you want a higher quality to the radiosity you can subdivide all meshes ,Please be warned about the normals.