Radiosity Rendering Hates me

OK Bare with me because i have been using blender for like 5 days. I am having radiosity trouble. I following the directions in the manual about radiosity rendering and it is crappy. Whenever i have an emitt source and i render the emitting object doesnt illumintate the picture. Its just black besides the source that produces light. I need help!!! And my quote is true. Also dont use fancy terms like…Blender… seriously I dont know what any of your fancy terms mean

I think you have to flip the normals on the (emitor object).

Select the emitor object (the one that suppose to light things up) and enter edit mode (tab key). Select all vertices with the “A” key and go to the editing control panel by pressing F9.

Under the menu box called “Mesh Tools” you’ll see a button called “flip normals” and press it. Try to render again and see if it lights things up.

are you using Yafray, and have you managed to get anything to render visibly in yafray using conventional lights yet? (that would be the first step.)

having said that, i was experimenting with trying to illuminate a scene with a light emitting object a few weeks ago and was unable to do it. i was told on this forum that it is not possible, however i don’t believe that to be true, as i have come across articles that say it is possible. my best guess right now is it may require direct editing of the XML file, but i wouldn’t know how to go about doing this.

I tried flipping the normals and it worked everything is fine. What is Yayfray. Ive heard people talk about it but what is it