Radiosity Still Life: Cups

Cups modeled in Wings 3D. Rendered using Blender 2.28c. Radiosity calculated during render. No lights in the scene. Checkers done in Photoshop.

Blender Render

See updates below.

Nice! Subtle. I like it.

One problem, though: The insides of the cups shouldn’t be “reflecting” the checkerboard or the other cup.


i like the reflection on the checkerboard floor, but you should add some specular highlights to the floor to sell the idea that it is a glossy surface. Also, the reflection of the cups on the floor would be a good candidate for the ‘depth’ feature of envmaps in blender, so that the cup’s reflections would show up in the reflection of the cup on the floor.

nice, but yep, spec map on the floor would be good.

I agree totally. I have to look into how to correct that.

Thanks for the tip. I didn’t know what the depth button was for. I will look into it.

Regarding the floor, I could also pull the camera back so the subdivided cube used for ‘lighting’ shows up as ‘specular’ reflection.

I agree totally. I have to look into how to correct that.[/quote]

you could try to separate the “inside” of the cup from the rest of the model…or give another material to that part…you just need to have a smooth transition between the 2 part of the model…it’s a very nice pic keep it up! :smiley:

Thanks, see my comment above.

I did that once when I was working on a labeled bottle (seperated mesh). Maybe I should consider mutilpe materials. Good idea. Thanks for the comment. I will adjust and tweak to see what I can come up with.

For a spec highlight, just add a spotlight in the location of radiosity light projecter and turn off the diffuse component. You’ll only get the spec channel of the light.

I wil give that a try. I’m not in front of Blender at the moment, are those settings possible with 2.28c? I assume they are. Would you suggest only one spotlight?

Just click the “No Diffuse” button in the lamp buttons for the light in 2.28. If you really really want to, you can set the spot to a square spot, then match the light “cone” to the size and direction of your planar light emittor.

Thanks again. Always good to find different ways to do things.

Rendered with Povray Radiosity only. Slight scene tweaks. Some artifacts, sorry about that.

Photoshop Auto Levels Adjustment