Radiosity: Weird blue artifact on one face

Hi all

Can anyone please explain why the blue corner above the window is appearing? The material is the same as the top half of wall. Doesn’t appear when using ray-tracing or scanline rendering. Have removed the face and manually recreated it.

So must be something to do with Radiosity settings I’m guessing? Is it collecting errors at that point?

Any thoughts would be useful




Can you post a blend file for me to look at?

looks like a radiosity leak, it could occur sometimes, I guess… I suppose you enclosed the whole scene in a icosphere or such? is the color of your emitter? If yes (enclosing emitter), try to use only the really useful part of your emitter

Thanks for the replies. Got that sorted, but a while ago now so can’t remember how!? :-/

Think I may have just recreated the mesh.