I’m having a few problems with radiosity (materials > radiosity) if anyone could help me out.

First off, my models are rather low poly with the subsurf modifier on them. When I run radiosity on those meshes, they lose their subsurf and are obviously baked as a low poly model.

This naturally results in the model then looking like crap and a few object are hidden as a result since subsurf shrinks the meshes quite alot, making the radiosity pretty usless? Is there anything I’m supposed to be doing?


I don’t know much about radiosity but one solution, it seems to me, would be to press the “apply” button on the subsurface modifier, thus making the subsurfacing “real” and eliminating suburfacing completely. This will mess up some rigging if you’re doing an animation, but if it is just a still image, it should be fine.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for your reply LGM. I tried what you said, but that seems to hang after “collect meshes” and everytime I come back to the computer blender has crashed and everythings gone…

I also tried it on a smaller scene with only two objects and the same happens. so It seems radioosity can’t work on subsurfs at all?

Read the documentation, radiosity modeling works on subdivided meshes, not subsurfed meshes. You can either apply the subsurf B4 pressing the collect meshes button or in editmode with all verticese selected you can press “W” key>subdivide smooth.


Just to add that though you can’t bake to subsurfed meshes, rendertime radiosity works with subsurfed meshes. That’s ok for a still but you don’t have the advantages of baking the radiosity for an animation.