Ragdoll deforming after shooted

(linuxfree) #1

Every time got deforming mesh of ragdoll when spwaned with Z axis not equal 0.0, take a look 2 pictures

  1. no deformations - angle proximity of Yaxis

  2. with deformations - angle proximity of Xaxis

Anybody can help how solve this?

OBS: in layer inactive press “P” the ragdoll tombs every time correctly with no deformations in mesh if not change the Emptydoll Z axis rotation, maybe cause no have rotation ragdoll start in same orientation.

how spawn skinned ragdolls in bge?have .blend a video Please Help me
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Here is a top map i show the position axis where got or not deformations.Its causing by view of camera player angles.How can solve this? look map picture

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i don’t understand your comment xD.
from experience, i’m thinking of two problems related to camera deformation:
1- the camera is deforming the shape of geometry? try changing from letter to extend in the render tab, changing the camera FOV and camera presets in the camera tab could also work.
2- the soft body is reacting to the camera moving? there is an object with collision parented to the camera! could be something from the hud or something used with the logic bricks.
3- there is a problem with a python script, it is probably parenting the map to the camera or to an armature?

also, do not mess with vsync, leave it either on or off, but DO NOT change it during game.

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1 - look the problem ia only with ragdoll zombie dead the camera player when i kill zombie under Y axis direction zombie ragdoll tombs perfectly but in X axis deform a lot the lags. look pictures.
the rest of game all fine.

2- i dont using sofbody to ragdoll use a rigid body and suspend and restore dynamics

3- the Camera player is parented with player body he have armature arms its FPS.

I think problem is with rotation of ragdoll in case Orientation in world, the default created position when i made ragdoll is YAxis 0.0 . Strange is in runtime i kill zombie in 0.0 or 180.0 angles all fine tombs perfect with no deformation. other angles start deformations and 90.0 or 270.0 is terrible deformation

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I think now you go understand what i said here look videos in Y-Axis orientation and in X-axis orientantion.

Y-axis Orientantion - no deformations

(linuxfree) #7

X-axis Orientation - Bad deformations

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I find exactly where is problem causing deform o mesh. The empty doll is spawned orientantion like emptydoll.worldOrientation = hitobject.worldOrientation in this case hit object is original zombie dead by shot.

But the rigidbodies controls parts of constraints rigid joints they don’t have this Orientation changed where spawned.How can i create a worldOrientation by group of all this objects to emptydoll?script? or before by properties will work by parent to emptydoll?

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forgive me i,m using msi after burnner not good for make video in view port in blender,but here what i said about Emptydoll like spawn point of ragdoll instance group of rigid body constraints objects,armature and mesh. if angle is 0, or 360 or 180 all fine no deformations another values deformation mesh.In video i change Z angle to 45o.

Anybody know how solve this?

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I try applyrotation to rigid bodies, cause more instability.nothing work.any idea please?