Ragdoll demo

Just a quick demo I made demonstrating ragdoll physics in blender…


here’s the vid…

duh, video is private :confused: can you, please, make it public?

  1. I would not consider it to be a rag doll. Try to make a rag doll with a skinned characters
  2. I don’t know why you call it PhyX rag doll. PhysX is just a physics engine similar to Bullet in BGE. So, since you are using BGE anf Bullet, refer your demo as BGE or buller rag doll

sorry it goes private by defualt:o

Its a world thing now

sorta old.
I’d like to see some actual ragdoll.

Its good, its just been done 1000 times before, so we’re pretty tired of it.

Do it with a skinned armature and then you got something.

How do I do that I don’t know anything about armatures and thought they were only for animation?