Ragdoll vs Animation for BGE

Simple question
Can it be achieved???

The thing is there was this other thread (too lazy to search it again)
where someone made ragdoll animation with armetures in realtime.

Or is there a way to paralise some bones (have like an on and off switch) and have them react to physics(gravity for ei.)

What Im thinking of is something like Havok physics on Max Payne 2 or something similer???

Last I checked there is, but its incredibly unpleasant (read “nearly impossible”) to set up . Basically you have to break your armature into separate bones and connect them using rigid-body constraints. Alternatively, you might be able to create a ghost ragdoll and just have the armature copy the rotations of its objects using a python script, but this would be even more complicated if it worked at all.

Hopefully a nicer way is coming soon with all the new bullet features and stuff.

I seem to remember seeing somewhere (on this forum) a combination, where the character was surrounded by a ghost bounding box which would switch the ragdoll on for the death “animation” (ragdoll physics). Cant seem to remember what it was called though…

Try this

My knowledge of the game engine is rather weak atm but you should be able to give the model different states. I’ll give it a go later today.