I was really inspired by some railroads sunset photos I’ve seen in Flickr and Pixabay so I decided to try something in Blender.

If you’re interested, I recorded the modeling step in a timelapse video:

nice. the lighting works perfectly. really nice gravel too.

It looks great to me. I can only dream of when I can create something so realistic.

It seems to me that the camera focal length is not very wide… like maybe 50mm? And the camera is set back from the scene some. I think it would look better with a wider angle lens and the camera right in the scene.

It’s looking great! Perhaps the power lines are a bit thick, but other than that it looks very realistic!

Modron: Thanks! Glad you like it :slight_smile:

SystemAgnostic: Thanks! Happy you found it realistic, it was my first intention when I started making this scene. The focal lenght is 40mm and I know it wouldn’t be too appropriate for an external scene, but I kinda like it

Thorst: Thanks for your comment! You’re right, the power lines should be a little more thin haha

Rail measurements seems to be a little bit off.

it’s really awesome.
i wonder how you did the lens flare.
can you tell?

great job

beautiful scene, nice lighting

Thanks for all the comments!
Ionwe: I used a glare node on the sky background and then I applied a blur

(Don’t know why but I can’t put the gif here)

Cool output.
I remember the modeling video and you’ve made a nice render from it :slight_smile:

Looks pretty realistic and you made a very artistic image. The composition of your scene… Everything just beatiful, the eye doesnt go to a “empty space” on your image. I love it, really… I have nothing to say… just… awesome hahah. Could you give us more detail about texturing, lightning and technical stuff?

…by the way… I think I know you ahaha, are you an user (or used to be) of Blender Brasil?

perfect artwork !! :yes:

Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

victorphellipe: Yes, I’m exactly who you are thinking haha
For the lighting I used a hdri texture and a sun lamp just to create that glow effect in the railroad. Materials and textures are pretty much procedural, the workflow was basically create the original material that the object was made of and then apply some maps for rust and dust. In some objects like the train I also baked the AO and mixed with some procedurals.