Rain (and death later)

OK, so this is my first thread on Blender Artists (yay!) so please feel free to call me a noob :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I’ve been thinking of making a desktop wallpaper of death, with the scythe and cloak etc, pointing at the viewer through some rain. So far, I’ve got the rain done, and crit would be very useful.

The cone is where death will go, although the head will likely be above the point of the cone. I added mist to the comera as well.

I’ve composited (for the first time) and used amb occ. So, what do you all think?


You’re a noob. (Just kidding!) :slight_smile:

There’s not exactly a whole lot to crit yet. The rain looks nice, but could be improved by adding some transparency to the rain droplets.

I’m interested in seing what your model of Mr. Death will look like.

Suggestion, all the rain drops look exactly the same size. I am not familiar with making rain in blender but is there a wait to randomize the size of the droplets similar in the way of making grass? Other than that I can’t see much else to suggest. I do love the shape of the water droplets. Makes me feel as if there is some wind in the scene.

i kinda like the idea, because i am into the whole scythe hood thingy, and its just a nice original idea, good work

Thanks for all that. The rain is transparent, so I might need to get rid of the envmap texture I put on. Or remove the reflection. Unfortunately, I can’t randomize the drops because of the way the rain is being made. Glad you like the idea.


I’ve been working on one arm and hand, and its almost ready for rigging, only the finger tips to go :smiley: Here’s a screenie:


Looking good, the bony hand!

Rain, vector (motion) blur? Ray transparency? 1.3 refraction = good for water, but if you blur just go for Z trans. Don’t kill the envmap – use a static one. Droplets won’t be too reflective (they’re not quicksilver) and they’re too small.

More droplets, smaller = more believable.

For variation, you might want to check the graphicall builds with Jahka’s particle patch.

Aha, I see now that the reflection off the ground was fooling me into believing there wasn’t any transparency. Anyways, I’d agree with the others, lower the reflectivity somewhat and it will look great.

Excellent work on modeling so far.

Thanks for all that! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to do much work on this for a while due to sigh lots of school stuff.