Rain of Bullets

So I’m tired of testing what Blender can do and I’m ready for a serious project.
The first one I Call “Rain of Bullets” and consists of several bullets coming towards the viewer (not straight, but at an angle).
It has no Motion Blur yet, I’m not satisfied with the bullet materials yet and the lighting needs tweaking, but I want to finish this.


Comments, Critics and Suggestions welcome!

I think it could use more bullets… for the material… dunno… I’d try and use a brushed metal sort of thing(if I could do that:P)… shinier and less bump… just my opinion… your work ofcourse… but… has potential

the rocks looks like those river rocks. ill keep comming back for updates though.

@BleedForMe: I don’t want to crowd the scene with bullets, but I am intending to replace the halo with a better background if I come up with something fitting. And you’re right about the bumps. I’ll turn down the NOR value. :wink:

@nitrofreak06: a river… yes… that way we can have bullets swimming the water. You know, I get your point but you’ve given me an idea there. :slight_smile:

It’s of to bed for me. I’ve got to be ready for my presentation of Lille the day after tomorrow. yawn

This could turn out to be a pretty good piece eventually.

Probably have hundreds of bullets with trails coming out of a sea of barrels and holes.

Don’t know how realistic you want to make this, but a real bullet would have longitudinal gouges on the flat sides of the bullet where the soft metal was forced by the explosion into the barrel grooves. The bullet would also be spinning along the axis of flight, as well as moving forward. Most modern bullets are clad with copper or nickle, to reduce fouling of the gun barrel. Sometimes the cladding covers the entire bullet, sometimes the nose of the bullet is not clad.

Interesting idea.

Sorry, guys, but today’s been very busy with that presentation and all.
I’m going to get in some work tomorrow.

@Orinoco: thanks for the heads up! I’ll remodel the bullets and this time, every one seperatly as to give them character.
Btw, is the above bullet in this pic what you’re talking about?

@Cyborg Dragon: I think I’m going to change the point of view and implement your and BleedForMe’s idea. More bullet. It’s gotta rain like hell!

Untill next update,