Rainy fern

Tried to make a photorealistic render after awhile hope ya all like it


This is amazing!

You know what is the best about it? The colours!
Technically it is a great render too.

I have a few questions and a lil critique, but only a small one :grin:

1, how did you create the blurry drops in the air? A simple plane with noise or a voronoi thingie squashed?
2, yout nature assets, where do they come from
3, my teeny tiny lil critique is that the droplets all seem to be round. Even those sitting on the leaves.
Did you use particle or geo node scattering? I know it is hard to imitate real physics then.
I admit, I am not sure how. But there may be a setting that affects the falloff of the droplets curvature. So, the closer they are to the leaf (normal-wise I guess), the less they stretch, on the other hand, stretching more as they want to fall down.

Again, I’m just brainstorming with myself here :smile:
I really like you work, keep it up!
Happy blending! :blush:


thank you for the suggestions and that blurry rain is a particle system combined with motion blur
the assets are made by me except for that rock in the background and yea even i felt like the water drops on the plant looks weird at some places coz i had to use geo nodes

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Those were small mentions merely, overall, I really love your work :blush: keep going!

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thank you mate

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Just wanted to let you know, I’ve been using this as my desktop background and I really, really like it. Thanks for sharing it.

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thx alot this made my day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: