Hello everyone,

Well, long story short, once upon a time it was raining outside when suddenly the result. Hope you’ll like it. :slight_smile:

Blender / Octane

Really nice. Simple, effective, and plenty of detail where it counts.

I was casually listening this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdvYzzUM_9Q&feature=plcp when i saw your renders and man, I got touched. Really. Those are very artistic, emotional renders to me and I hope to be able to do something similar some day.

You see, I’m touched XD

As Kemmler said simple and effective. This is really neat, well done!

I didn’t expect such good reactions. :slight_smile: Thank’s guys. It’s really appreciated.

great work… I like it =P

I love this image ! it’s so realistic ! Ocatne is really a good render engine.

I really love the bottom image.

Pretty beautiful render. I’m still afraid of making nature scenes because they’re difficult :o

Great work! I especially like the first one; the materials and lighting are perfect :yes:

Beautiful. I love the second image. The blue tint on fibers strikes a nerve.