Raised Panel Modeling, advice please 🙏

Hi, I would like to model a raised kitchen cupboard panel in Blender.

But due to the rounded corners, soft bevels, and tight corners from the flowing top arch, I’m not sure of the best way to approach it. Would this be a Subd method, screw modifier or can I use tools like hard ops?
I understand there are always so many different ways to model the same object. I’m new to Blender and it would be really helpful to get advice at the early stage and I will take what I learn from this to many projects in the future.

Thank you very much.


I would build up the shape using Curves…when right convert to Mesh and use a custom Bevel … you could either use them as-is and fill and extrude…or use knife Project and cut a new profile into a slab

Build them just as a real raised panel door is built…stile and rail with raised panel
that will help considerably with the bevels…

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Thanks so much for your help.
I was not aware of the custom bevel. Model to real-world carpentry techniques is also very helpful.
I will give it try :+1: