Woohoo … After a long time

heey guys check out my new artwork on Rama and Ravan

hope you enjoy it

watch it in HD
IMAGE (link)



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This is great work. What a way to celebrate Dussehra!
Is it part of something bigger? Like a short film maybe? Love the soundtrack as well.

very stylish, dude

love it how he doesn’t need to even look at the target

Awesome brother… What a stuff… I love the way you present it, though its a still you did a best way to describe the feel. Awesome Awesome Awesome… 5* from me… Keep rocking…

Nice piece ! Colors and pose are very dynamic. Congrats and five stars from me.

OMG u did it again… comic-look looks great… it must be hard to make video i guess with all this frozen time,fire…everything is done very neatly…5* from me… :slight_smile:

Damn, this is amazing on so many levels! Great work!

Totally agree with the cmment above. Awesome stuff man!

I think the thumbnail dont explain well what happan here :smiley:

supergreat tecnique :smiley:

Very cool Draguu…its screaming your style man:) The super low motion is well executed and somehow still seems alive. As always I look forward to more from you:P

AWESOME!.. 5 stars … great tecnique

Awesomeness :stuck_out_tongue:

Fantastic work.

ohhh i love it man great works 5* …:yes:

Really nice work :slight_smile:

I noticed the comic book-like image on the top row of the forum and found it quite nicely done, then in that thread i noticed your video and found it really awesome at building the story for that image.
Fantastic piece of work !

Wow Very nice

HOLY SH!@#!!!
This screams awesome!
So… this is ALL done in blender or also with photoshop aftertouching? (asking because the video cg looks the same as the still image)

Fighting stuff is not my thing but i m so impressed with ur slow motion. Awesome job!