Rambo Statue | Kfir Merlaub Art

Hi everyone,

I am excited to share with you a personal project;
A digital statue fan art inspired by the “Rambo” films.

It’s a concept I wanted to do for a while now.

Rambo’s appearance as performed by one of my all time favorite actors - Sylvester Stallone
Alluding to the poster of Rambo 2 film 1985

Sculpted in Blender and Zbrush
Animated and rendered in Blender’s 2.8 EEVEE render engine (pre-alpha build)

Would love to hear what you think!
Thank you,

“To survive a war, you gotta become war.” John J. Rambo
Kfir Merlaub Art © 2018




Wow. The talent in this forum is unreal. What a great model!

Ah childhood memories. VHS movie on 28 inch fat TV. This looks amazing.

You made me want to watch a Rambo movie! Great sculpt and pose, and the explodinig helicopter is a really nice touch! If you could print a 3d model where the explosion is a light in the 80s, I would have probably found a way to have it as my night light when I was a kid :smiley:

That is exceptional. Really looks like a production model.

Well done. You had me convinced that it was a model that you had already 3d printed, and took a picture.

High quality!

boblybill Absolutely spot on! The level of artist quality of output keeps ramping up and up. Its fantastic

All I can say is nothing till I pick my jaw back up off the floor. At first I thought this was a 3d scan of an action figure then rendered out in Blender and printed out. This is top notch here. Amazing job!

Damn this just begs for a 3D print XD some bad ass figure

Wow thanks a lot guys for the feedback!
And so happy to see that it got top row.
Many thanks!

Looking forward to continue and make more works to share.

And can’t wait for the 2.8 release, I am following the development posts and loving every bit of it.
I began a while ago sculpting and rendering with Blender in realtime GLSL, then as I realized its limitations I moved to Cycles…
But now with this new EEVEE render its clear to me that I will go back to real time rendering!

So nice!!! Hahaha :smiley:

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So great! I especially like the toyish shading. It’s brought up sweet memories! I wish there was a sequel but Sly ain’t getting any younger so the franchise seems to end (:

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Hi,can I download model for 3D printig.
Many thanks