Ramp Shaders


In all the demo pics for ramp shading I have seen things that look furry, peaches\fuzz on monkey. How is this done? :-?


Not knowing which images you are refering to makes a definite answer impossible, But if you are seeing fuzzy/furry things, might be static particles.

I’m sure he is refering to those pics:

there was a nice video tutorial by GreyBeard around. you can look up for yourself, there’s a nice search function on the top :slight_smile:

I think the fuzziness effect is due to the poor image compression distorting the image quality.


BgDm: There are some methods that GreyBeard goes over in his video tutorial that give the effect of a fuzzy peach. It’s not true “fuzziness”, of course, but it does a nice fake job of creating that look.

for the peaches I used serveral textures that gives that feeling… here’s the .blend (link might not work):

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Look for Metsys’ Great Video Tutorials, in the General section. They’re great.

thanks guys, i’ll go and check that blend file now! :smiley:


Just wanted to say that the ramp shader tutorial wasn’t mine. I believe Metsys is the author of the rampshader video. The other day I noticed that it is available at blenderman.org. Searching the postings will probably reveal other locations to download it.


Here’s a link to the topic that lists every mirror for it that I know :).