Random colors in blender 2.5

Im preparing an remake of the Sony Bravia Bouncin balls advertisment in Blender:

Is it possible to change the color of particle objects randomly in Blender 2.5 too?

Make one ball each for each of the different colours you want. Add these to a group and set the particle render to ‘group’. Set the name of the group you added the balls to and set ‘pick random’ so you then get a random coloured ball.

Wow !
Richard, big Thanx for your help man!:smiley:

Each day i love Blender more and more!
If one day the outliner will have folders , im the happiest man in the world:o

Tungee, the outliner doesn´t even have outlines :no::yes::eek:

Go on dreaming :o


If you belief strongly in your dreams, one day your dreams turns in reality :wink: