Random Contest

Hello all I am here to tick off more people by creating a forum contest! Woo I really hope I don’t get closed anyway! So the point of this game is to try to write a sentence that makes sense but not much. Like My doornob ate my mom’s quiesh inside a cantalope. Basically there needs to be sentenece structure spelling not as much so as long as we can understand and random statements. Try to top each other every time.
Ok my opening entry is: My speaker ate a waffle flew to the moon and vomited peanuts.

My finger is getting twitchy near the lock lollipop!

All your base are belong to me

This is so frangled, how come every time an elephant craps its trunk there has to be some flap jack stuffing frozen burritos up their nose?!

The mods like to fly like kangaroos, but more so do I because I hope the lock lollipop gets hit.

When i ate the last sum of pie divided by nations of posting the topic about the random discovey of my right butt cheek.
(p.s ITS NOT FAIR!!! everytime i try this its gets shot down like a sick dog…)

Actually, I find that drinking olive oil mixed with kerosine and vasoline has just enough ‘ine’ to it to be even better than grinding weasels in a blender.

i tend to often ask to question of why burger king never seems to ask why the waffles in the last part of their menu never seem to be affected by the fact that only my chest hair can make a mean pork rip milkshake.

Jesus I hate nerdy absurdist humor.


(I’m good at these. They’re called Fnords. There’s even a Fnord generator on a site called SJ Games.)

The Death Star is squamous and the frog is slack-producing.

(That one was from the fnorder, found here.)

More Fnords:

A tree from Joe’s Bar and Grill defeats the corrupt Uzi.
A fly from Atlantis audits the high gyroslugger.
Zeus resurrects Steven Spielberg and our blueprint.
The enormous CD-ROM defeats the rugose cat.

(valarking posted here only because i did, he wants to be my friend so badly.)
some tacos never talk back to the west side of my acne

Have you ever wondered how leprechauns recover their llamas after a vicious slapping with rabid squirrels?

why are we even bothering saying random phrases from the middle side of moon’s butt cheek and am I suffering hypothermy because of my dogs eyeball.

somtimes at night,… when no one is looking… i take my hand… and use it to carry my self esteem over to the kitchen so i can whip up a heaping helping of shake what your mama gave me for my birthday