Random guy


It’s a random guy I’m working on to learn Cycles… it’s still wip many things to improve


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Wow!! This is SO CLOSE to convincing me it’s a photo. There are just a few things, though, and it’s hard to pinpoint what those are.
I guess the lips seem a bit off. Something about the way the mouth is “scrunching in” doesn’t quite look natural. I think it might have to do with the tiny dimples at the corners of the mouth. Your dimples go away when you scrunch your mouth, and they form when you smile.

If he’s supposed to be doing a kind of mock-smile, then I’d say the mouth isn’t wide enough, and the lips look too scrunched.

The next thing that seems a bit off are the eyes. Particularly the area right underneath them. Again, not exactly sure what it is, but the skin looks kind of “tight” or something. I almost want to say “pretty” due to the lower eyelashes, but it seems out of place on this guy. It may partially be that, like with the mouth, I think the eyes just seem a LITTLE small overall.

I’m going back and forth on the forehead. It’s nearly perfect to me, but I think those thin ridges may look just a tad artificial, because they’re pretty straight except for the bend at the middle.

And finally, the lower neck. I don’t know what you call the part above the clavicle, but those ridges going down his neck seem a bit harsh (mainly just the two largest ones in the center and the one just to the right under the necklace). As in, they look just a little sharp.

Now, having said all of that, I want to be clear: I think the rest of this is nearly flawless, and even the parts I critiqued are all very very good. And like I said, I’m not even 100% certain about the things I mentioned, so if my critiques don’t make sense then I don’t blame you if you disregard them.
But excellent work already!

The eyes feel flat and gray to me. I’m not sure if its the lighting or the way you made the eyes.

You should also try adding peach fuzz all around the face.

I think he should also have a slightly more noticeable tear line where the eyeballs meet the eyelids.

The hair looks a bit thin. Maybe try increasing the strand size.

Semicolonkid : Thank you for the comment :slight_smile: I agree with you in many points you said but some parts you know is too hard to change at advanced stage of the work but I’ll take your tips and opinions to the next model :slight_smile: Some things you said I got fixed but some not … your comments is very usefull for my next projects thank you :slight_smile:

Regono: I agree with you about the eyes its really a bit gray there but I got it fixed in the new version and I put there some peach fuzz too Thank you :slight_smile: