Random Renders (from a noob)

A bunch of random things that I’ve made. I am trying to avoid creating games in blender, I want to make more 3d stuff… Most of it probably looks really nooby. oh well:

I like the water on this one. :spin:

Never tried ray transp before, and I like chess. This one came out ok… I forgot to use amb occ though, I don’t think you can tell…

Some post pro in photoshop, I really dis-like how it came out. :frowning:

Really simple, I was just dinking around with textures a while back. I have a cool room I will show later.

Nice. I suppose it took forever because of the blurred reflections?

If you’re looking for simple objects, you may want to do a whole stationery set : eraser, ruler, pencil cup, several pencils, etc … :slight_smile:

Good idea! I don’t know how I did the blur, lol. I just did ray mir on the wood plane and I messed with the settings…

Jeepers creepers, renders sure do take a long time…

Just simple glasses, made in 14 minutes, final render in 20.

I don’t know how to make the glasses make the thing behind bigger, like real glasses, anyone know?

This one took forever… but it was worth it.

Good work man…You have some good skills at modelling and it seems like you can texture fairly well. I think the big thing is working with subtle reflections, specular, adn bump mapping on your objects…and something that is easy to fix but many newcomers to blender have problems with - lighting. You need to work with soft shadows, specular, energy…and multiple lights…I really feel like a lot of these images are kind of flat, and some change in lighting and reflections (like on the paper clips, could really help).


I want Blender to use the videocard to render on later versions :mad:!!!