Random zombie massacre



:D>< ---------------------------------[ ] gun




space + wsad

Shooting zombies is fun

more importantly these don’t seem to have alot of overhead.

the “zombies” can walk when they touch the ground, moving them to differing heights = offsets walk animations if you hold W


oddimations.blend (940 KB)

Good night all and happy massacring :smiley:

feel free to do anything to this rig :stuck_out_tongue:

what is that?
A demo?
A finished game?

Just a concept , the “zombies” are animated with actions in another object,

So you could drag and drop anything in there, and parent it to the armature, and it would “walk”(almost?)

I was thinking it would be fun to first scale them down to fit inisde the “emtpy” at there feet, then add my 6dof car to the scene, and change them from player controlled to AI, and then start running zombies over :smiley:

Right now they are just a oddity, (not a game or a resource) just a thing… to look at and possibly smile.