Randomize the Direction of Particle Rotation

When I enable particle rotation, when using objects as particles, for example - all particle seem to rotate only in one direction - clockwise or counter-clockwise.
Is it possible to randomize the direction of rotation of the particles the same way as their size and speed?

You could set their ‘Angular Velocity’ to Random

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Thanks for the reply, Richard!
I forgot to mention a crucial detail to my question :slight_smile:
I would like to rotate object particles randomly (counter- and clockwise) on only one axis, for example Global X.
Selecting the option “Random” in Angular Velocity Axis simply randomizes rotational angle in any direction.

The main thing I use particle rotation for is orientation of the object to the surface of the emitter. Place any other transformations inside the actual source object.

Create two objects with rotation animation as you describe as needed.
1 rotating CW and the other CCW.
Add them to a group.
Activate the pick randomly from a group option in the particle system.
The more copies you add to the group, the more variation you can achieve.

In this example video I have 5 different Dunny objects each with their own animation which are picked randomly by the particle system. I altered the animation of the modifiers on each copy of the Dunny. In the end there are only 5 different animations, but because of their orientation and size difference the effect looks slightly more complex.

Thanks for the advice Atom!
It’s worth checking it.
I found also another solution:
Animate Angular Velocity giving it cyclic F-curve. For example animate angular velocity with 10 dergees in the first frame, then -10 degrees in the second frame and then add Cycles Modifier to the F-curve.

If the particles are emitted randomly it will do the work.

Cool, I am going to try that out!