Randomizing armature

Dear Blender community,

 Is there any way to randomize the positions of armature?  Let's say that I have a character that's been rigged with armature, and to make it look less uniform, I want to move some of their bones along an axis a random amount.  Is there any easy way to do this?  I figure this is a rather simple question, so I won't be posting a .blend file.  Thank you!

 Sincerely, KetoBlend

Within Frequency Curve (graph) Editor press ‘N’. There’s a modifier tab there. add Noise modifier to desired animation data.

I can do it to entire objects and parent bones, but I’m having trouble with children bones. Also, would you know how to alter what axis it moves randomly on? For right now, it will only move randomly on the X-axis. Is there any way to change this?

Example: I want to randomize the top two bones.


cubeRandomization.blend (461 KB)