Randomzie the Array Objects?

hi all, i am testing blender 2.8
but now i have a problem (not the first :smiley:. hope you can help me out.
I have 14 objects in an array and i would like that they have different rotation in y axes. i dont know how i can do it?!

I don’t know a way to modify these objects within the array. But if you confirm the array modifier you can call a menu for random manipulation by pressing spacebar > ‘Randomize Transform’.

Note that the manipulation only seems to work in global orientation (the developers should make all orientations addressable - pls upvote here). This means that you might have to accept a small workaround.

Otherwise the commercial addon ‘Random Object Array’ seems suitable for your project, maybe there is a free alternative here in the forum.

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thanks for your answers!
can i apply the array in any way and have as result 14 seperat objects? so i would rotate the indiviual objects manually?

if i apply the array in the example i only have one origin (in the center of the base object of the array)!? in your screenshot i see a origin point for each object.

You can use a particle system to duplicate your objects

After confirming the modifier change to edit mode and press the key ‘P’ > ‘By Loose Parts’. This turns any unconnected geometry into an independent object. Now select all new objects in object mode and go to ‘Object’ > ‘Set Origin’ > ‘Origin to Geometry’ in the upper left corner of the 3D View. This will center the origins for all selected objects in the center of their respective geometry.

P.S. Wenn du Lust hast können wir uns über PM oder sogar Discord austauschen, mir mangelt es an Bekannten die sich für Blender/3D begeistern. : ) (sorry, this section is in German)

There was an addon called Advanced Array which allowed you do to everything, but it’s outdated.
The only method for randomization of array objects now is to use object instances.

Can you recommend a tutorial for this trick? I haven’t worked much with the particle system yet. Alternative / better ways always interest me. : )

Well, you will use a line object as the source for the particle system, then you can add any object as to be rendered instead of points (default) for the particle system.

On the other hand it would be super handy to have a randomize option in the array modifier.

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