Range Rover Evoque

Hello everybody!
Here is the final render of my Range Rover Evoque project. Hope you like it! :slight_smile:


Looks amazing, could you deliver wires?

Also I’d like to hear if you modeled whole car as one linked model to the end or if you modeled it in small parts straight from start.

Of course, I can

Actually, I modeled the car piece by piece. I don`t like to model everything as one connected mesh, because I can use different grid density in every piece

The model and wire looks good. :RocknRoll:

looks real nice! but are the seats supposed to be that squarish?

Yes. They look simillar in real model

Wow, you have done a wonderful job on this! The shaders, the modeling, the lighting and compositing all really bring this image together and create a harmonious piece. I especially like the contrast of the cool environment with the red car paint and warm/yellow headlights. If you have a WIP thread on this, I will certainly be checking it! I would like to see how you setup your lights, at the very least.

Thank you, very much. I`m really happy that you love my render.

Maybe, some day I will create WIP on this site.
Its a bit difficult for me, because Im from Russia and my English is not so good and I`m just 17 years old, so I have almost no experience in English. But maybe I will try write more via google translator, etc.

Here is my WIP page on Russian language. If you want you can see progress there
And here is page on galery of the site

Thank you, alexandr samson! I don’t understand the words, but I can still enjoy the pictures!
Your other models are also very good, especially the watch and jewelry. Magnificent!

My pleasure!

The renders are very good! The modeling, in some areas doesn´t 100% match with the actual car, but looks very good anyway.
Did you use blueprints? If so, where did you got them from? I couldn´t find them anywhere.

I used not clearly blueprints.
I found this image. It`s a 3d model too

simply perfect!

very good alexandr samson
can you tutorial how to model it
i have tutorial about modeling camaro
but when put blueprints in view and when start modeling have problem because blueprints not match
you have blueprint
if you don’t have blueprints what can yo do?