Ranger Scout

(FXR) #142

forms sharpened and tightened up. Temple area might need pushed out a bit.


Maybe just add some bump to the rock, use this website to do so http://cpetry.github.io/NormalMap-Online/

(FXR) #144

Thanks bro. Giving the normal a shot.

(FXR) #145

Putting things together again.

Not certain about the pine tree on the right. Whether it should be smaller or lower down the other side of slope.

Using Grasswald grass but I can’t “brown the grass.” Color ain’t changing.

And I tried a dust node for rocks but it only made the rocks browner overall …

(FXR) #146

changed up lighting and rotated camera for more frontal face shot

(FXR) #147

tried upping illumination from upper left.

1 Area lamp strength 5000 upper left
2. area overhead lamp 300
3. HDRI world illum strength 2

(FXR) #148

Cleaning up textures, belts, coat, tunic, face.
Trying out new background image

(FXR) #149

larger backdrop, more profile

New Zealand mountains baackdrop

(FXR) #150

(FXR) #151

(FXR) #152

(FXR) #153

hair needs a bit of tightening, but coming together.

(FXR) #154

small changes. …

(C_Campbell) #155

How about working on something new . this ones getting old. YAWN!

(FXR) #156

The last head shot. I noticed I didn’t blur out the middle seam (mirrored mesh) But overall, the look is on target. And I’ll shelve this project for awhile. Again.
What I lack is how to sculpt expressions. And skin details. But, that’s for my upcoming works/projects.

(FXR) #157

Refined smaller forms - smoothed out skull and brows

(FXR) #158

Jireworked windows in foreskull and crown. Reduced brow volume over outer part of eyes.

Added a hemi light to illuminate right side a bit more. Color has been a bit washed out.

need new eyebrows

(FXR) #159

increased back rake of outer eye “brow”
made central forehead more vertical. Smoothed outer cheekbone. raised mouth and chin region towards nose.

(FXR) #160

Forms and subforms refined.

(FXR) #161

It finally hit me … the upper mandible region.