Ranquin 201X

Hi guys,

My new sketchbook.
I hope you guys enjoy !

The fresh ten24 scan rendered in cycles:
and a girl bust wip: left one is keyshot, the b&w one is a cycles blender render.



Another one with some blueish color mixed in and without any color adjustment.



I like how you keep your sculpts realistic yet inject something of your own style, I think the girl sculpt is immediately recognisable as yours, the way you form the eyes, cheeks and mouth. Great Work!

Yay! I am so glad you have got a sketchbook again! Really looking forward to more masterpieces.

Thanks guys, I’m glad you her :slight_smile: !
My style-thing; I’ve always been a big fan of Comic Strips and I guess they still influence me which I hope is a good thing :wink:


Cool to see you active with your sketchbook again!
The girl looks super cool, very comic book (definitely a good thing).

And that ten24 scan rendered in cycles, WOW!

Thanks bro ! :slight_smile:
The ten24 scan is only using the colormap so it’s missing sort of bump.
It’s so kind of the ten24-guys to share them for free for research purposes.


Hi guys,
I had some time to play some more with this ten24 scan which you can get here:

I added the bump map and added dof from the camera.
Here’s also my updated skinsetup which still has the useless brightness/contrast node I see now.

Edit: updated with this version (not mirrored)

Hope you guys like it.

Great render, well done :wink:

Thank you Cédric !

Very nice renders! Nice setup too1 Just tried it on one of my own heads, works great, thanks!

Thank you bonrw1, I’m glad it’s working for you :slight_smile: !

No probs! Looking forward to seeing more beautiful renders!

Hi guys,
small update, I tried to make her less stylized. A quick KeyShot-render with a quick paintover(eyes and eyebrows) on top.
I’m gonna render my final image in Blender, those skinstudies have to pay off ; ). Not sure if I’m gonna keep this helmet in the end.


Paintover fun.


Wow! These are just great! I love the clay studio background :smiley: Keep up the wonderful work!

Thanks man :slight_smile: :slight_smile: !


Inspired by:

Great brush !

Speed Sculpt in blender: fantasy bust/fun.

Love the latest speed sculpt!
Seems like it’s got a nice silhouette, and it’s a cool concept. I could totally see this taken to the next level.

Still no dyntopo love I see :frowning: