rant forum?

this is something i’ve been wondering about… why not have a rant forum, where members can actually debate(see: fight) each other without getting a thread locked? it might seem like it would screw the community up, but honestly, what with all the threads that are getting locked, it’s almost impossible to keep an active thread going for any decent amount of time. why not give everybody an outlet?

just a thought.

if you don’t want new comers to see the forum in the case they might think us as somewhat less serious or something (like that many of us are actually serious:p), you can just have a link that you’ve gotta type in by hand or something, and that only the people who know about it would then be able to go to it, you see.

Just a thought.

say what? i don’t understand any of that, save the very last sentance. do you mean, you don’t want newcomers to see it, because they may be scared off? if so, we could just make it a members-only forum.

Just a thought.

Yeah, I wasn’t very clear at all. Sorry about that!

You’ve hit right on to what I meant though…make it members only.

Um… aren’t there a plethora of other places all over the internet that are better suited for those kinds of discussions?

Dunno… just throwing it out there.

If you have read the forum rules and policy, you would know why some threads gets locked quite instantly.

Having a other forum for rants other than Off-Topic, is a no-no. That forum is already enough as it is.

jason: :slight_smile:

fweeb: i suppose so, but you know, keep it all in the family. :wink:

sten: thine word is law.

I’d like to see a rant forum- there’d just have to be some mods who are always checking on it to make sure things didn’t get out of hand

A rant forum could turn into nothing more then a spam and flame forum, wouldn’t be good for the fabric of the community.

Sure, Jeepster, :wink: but since the whole purpose of the forum would be to “debate” ie: rant and flame, it would automatically be out of hand and the mods would simply have to lock it down, immediatly upon creation. :eek:

Luckily they have enough foresight to not make the forum in the first place. Especially if people start posting real rants like My sister is a total studhead or I messed up with Blender for the umteenth time.

Or you can have it end up where the whole forum flames one person like when I announced that I am a Dragon.

well, not all of it would need to be locked, only the ones that were about one person being better than another. if there was a thread that was just like, for example, which is the best; Windows, linux, or mac? nobody would get too angry about this, and the different users could just go on about how their system is better, it would be fun

We’re supposed to avoid religious topics… :eek: [If you don’t think people would get mad, well, go misspell linux on a linux forum.]

Aren’t dragons supposed to be flame proof? :eek:

Didn’t I just hear about Linux Witnesses going door to door and trying to make us all see the way. I think [email protected] saw them.
Edit: wow that was a waste of post 500!!

This is an artist’s community, right?

That would be against real fire, not insult throwing. I’m sure you know that, we Dragons can be sensitive to insults too, don’t go jumping to conclusions.

In my experience here, people don’t usually flame someone for something as simple as claiming to be a dragon or whatever. They do, however, get heartily sick and tired of someone who insists on reiterating and reinforcing it in just about every post to the point where every thread that person enters becomes a discussion about delusions and obessions (even admittedly fictional obsessions) such that the thread ultimately gets locked - as this one soon will.

Frankly, as I see it, otherkin(ism) is just another fanatical pursuit of a religious belief and as such, has no place here at all. Trollism should also be banned in the forum. Those who refuse to stop trolling by turning every discussion into a debate about their own supposed flaws and failings in the apparent hope of increasing their lock-count should probably be banned too. It’s an unhealthy and immature obsession that should be dealt with.

And the “real dragon” thing is just as much a work of fiction as sago saying he is a giant baby or Wu-man saying he is an elite superhero or people referring to them as that. Cyborg Dragon 19-Oct-06
As for a rant forum - that’s what usenet’s alt.flame is for. Go for it.

I usally say that windows is better (because it is) on forum and irc it’s fun to watch people get mad over something so dumb. :smiley:

Fine, for this topic I will not go farther into arguing that I’m a Dragon.

Otherkin is not a belief, those who are know in one way or another they’re not human and have the soul of another creature (like Dragons)

Under this statement one would say that I am Otherkin, which I am. You also must understand that those who are tend to be very misunderstood and often rediculed, which has been proven in various topics on this forum.

I think it’s best we leave the argument as it is. You may be reminded of it anytime you look at my sig. I will stop arguing now.

I’m not trying to flame anyone, I don’t want to be in any more trouble then I have already been in.

Guess why otherkin are ridiculed.

Also, dragons are dumb animals, they’re lizards with the ability to fly. They’re attracted to glittery things and objects–kind of like jackdaws or magpies–which is why they hoard treasure. They don’t write poetry, they aren’t noble. They just roar really loudly to keep other male dragons away, and roar really loudly to attract female dragons to hump.

Anyway, we have enough flames and rants on the forums, we really don’t need a dedicated forum for them. As an alternative to rant/arguement forums, we could just have a ‘everyone-shut-your-face-about-your-own-petty-malices-and-snobberies’ forum. Oh wait. We do already, it’s called the Blender Artists’ Forum.

Edit: I’m a genius, I spelled ‘dumb’ as ‘dumn’. Oh, the irony.