hello all this is raptor from mortak kombat


modeled and renderd in blender
C&c welcome


90 veiws no replys? :o

the modeling is very nice. i don’t remember it from MK though. was it in the games or the movies?

it was from the movies, here is the real thing http://www.gungfu.com/pics_info_pages/knives_mortal_kombat_raptor.jpg

well your model and rendering does not show alot.
and the blade is not something that nobody saw befor.
so incase you want people to give you good comments
ask them questions about your work. for example when
you compare your model with the real one you see that
there are differences.

and and and


No crits from me, it’s an excellent model and render.

Problem is that it appears to be floating and the final render is a bit dark… it needs to have some substance to the scene… right now its just the knife, which, although nice, stands out as being CG because its not near anything else. At least in my opinion. Good work though from start to finish.

fudge cekuhnen and desoto, i scroll down the page and all I see are angry “myterious” faces, and intense michievous eyes looking at me.

How distressing.

Lovely knife, reflection on the blade needs tweaking I would say.