Rare Footage From Dreamland

These are a few recent bits I did on the theme of Area 51/UFOs. If you like sci-fi, these are for you…



Might want to tone down the lights a bit, it’s a little hard on the eyes.

  • Floyd

Free epilepsy test?:stuck_out_tongue:

LOL! Yeah, that’s pretty much what i was going for back then. Trying to see if I could make people have visceral physical reactions from just something I created with imaginary lights and put on a screen. A philosophical approach to filmmaking, if you like. (That’s what happens when you create excellent free film and animation software and then give it English Majors…)

So aliens like to start raves, too?

Hey, you gave me an idea for a new thread! It’s gonna be called “Free Epilepsy Tests” and I’ll post it in the “Tests” forum. The idea will be to play with lights and interesting material combinations, so a workinprogress test lab.
I bet a lot of Cycles people will put their stuff in as well. Be great!