Raspberry Snail ~ Animation

I sculpted this back in January in ZBrush, textured and rendered it in Blender Cycles. A few days ago I decided to make it move. So I rigged and animated it in Blender. I had some help. https://www.instagram.com/n0thaikal/ helped me with the animation and https://www.instagram.com/colin00b/ rendered it. If you guys have any questions just ask me in the comments ^^. The music is from https://incompetech.com/

Ambient Occlusion:


Wow this is so dope!! He looks so cute and I hope he’ll be fine without his raspberry :slight_smile:
The animation is really cute and this is a lovely character.
Good work!

You nailed the facial expression on the snail so well! The animation looks a little forced, but I can understand animating a snail is no easy feat. Great job!

@khalibloo Thank you so much! I’ll try to improve that in my next project :slight_smile:

What a cute snail :smiley: looks great, add more light pink SSS to the raspberries :slight_smile: