Raspberrys and blueberrys

Hey guys,
I just finished a project in Blender to train my techniques creating realistic materials. For the raspberrys I combined a SSS shader with mix of glossy and diffuse shader which I combined with a translucent shader. On the raspberry there is also a hair-particle system with a normal white hair shader. The blueberry is a normal diffuse and glossy shader mix with a texture I created with pictures from blueberrys. The background is just a plane with a picture of mountains placed far from the camera to get a defocused background.

Please give me some feedback. :slight_smile:

PS: I can provide the blueberry texture if somebody wants it

Those raspberries are amazing!!! Almost thought you photoshopped them in!
Unfortunately it doesn’t really feel like the table and bowl materials are doing the rest of the image justice…
Some more gloss I’d say, reflectivity. Maybe even a glass bowl?

Thanks for the nice words and the feedback! The bowl should be porcelain but it appeared less glossy than I thought. But I think a white bowl would look better than a glass bowl because of the nice contrast to the red of the raspberrys. And you’re right, the table definetly needs more reflectivity. The problem is, I can’t see how the material looks in detail because I have to render it out first which takes a long time because I don’t have a graphicscard. I’ll need to find a solution for that, but no money for a graphics card :confused: