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rate me 1-10 (and a comment on what i can improve on would be nice)


bodynaked.blend (266 KB)

7/10 the face needs some touching up, especially the mouth, but that’s it the model it’s self is pretty nice!

Good Job,

I know not very good at modeling heads(got to work on that)
thanks for the comments

got any riggers out there who could maybe through me a couple of points

generally you want to model him with his arms out to the sides like a T so he’ll deform properly when you rig him. Also, I recommend taking a look at some anatomy books, or at least google for pictures of musculature- basically, amass as much reference material as you can, to get the clearest sense of what you want the result to look like.

thanks Captain Oblivion my Internet was down modeling it so i couldn’t get the pics so I just looked at my own body. yes I agree it is not completely accurate but it is the best i could do without looking at a pic.I originally had his arms out in a t shape but decided to put them back down.

thanks for the comments!

That’s… not a game.

You’ll get a lot more useful criticism in the modeling section of the forums.

it is work in progress for a prototype game

Still in the wrong section though. It’d be better posted in the modeling board or, for a focused low poly critique, go to the Polycount forums. They’re the best when it comes to game art