rate my stuff....

i got some of my stuff on here i been goin about a month and i wanna see what people think

ps… the sand timer thing is supposed to say underneith, in deaths realm everything has a life timer… even himself


I don’t see any links or stuff…

Images aren’t bad. You need to turn on the OSA button though when you render.

I think the Star Wars models are from somewhere else too, aren’t they?


Fairly nice. I agree that you need to turn on the OSA button. It’s a general rule that you pretty much always want to have that on. You also should make your meshes smooth. (In other words, hit the Set Smooth button) Nice mist effect on the AT-AT


Yup, nice, but images are extremely small (and aliased)


:o firstly no i made those starwars images loli think you can tell by looking at the AT AT walker one of his pannels is really rough where i experimented with noise…
secondly what exactly does osa do…i know that probably sounds really stupid but iv learned all of this off tutorials so i got a few gaps in my knowlage thanx for the tips :smiley:

In the Rendering Buttons Window there is, below the ‘BIG render’ button a button called ‘OSA’ (a.k.a. OverSAmpling) with four numbered button below it.

Try rendering the scene with the OSA button pressed and chhosing one of the numbered buttons :slight_smile:

Then tell me what you think is changed :stuck_out_tongue:


The Walker is the best. Nice mist, attractive composition.

Well, I won’t say a word about the OSA, hehehe.

Keep it up, you’re doing great :slight_smile:


pretty great gallery collection, i love that red vehicle space pic and the star wars pics…nice job, ya osa is awesome!

any of you think you can give me a hand with something, how to model a ship hull, i had a few ideas but erm.they sunk to put it mildly lol so if anyone can help :o any ideas i think i got the sails pretty right and the rigging looks reasonable. so help will b appretiated,

ps im updating my site with the anti aliaised stuff soon so ill post the link back here when im done, thanx

interesting, very nice mechanical objects. have you had any previous experience in the 3d business? just needs OSA, and Set Smooth.

I tried both nurbs surfaces and SubSurf button, needlessly to say second method is better.

If you need more help, just ask.


valarking. as a reply to ur question aout having passed expiriance in 3d im 16 and have been learning blender from something like a month and a half and i had no idea about osa but thanx to a slittle help from s68 im getting better with the whole thing, i am about to post a ship on there i made a little earlyer so it will prove interesting to see what your views are on that…

:smiley: i updated my site im pretty sure all the stuff on there is now anti alaised xcept the AT AT walker but thats explained there some of the pics arent there some of my favs :frowning: if you want to see them ask me and ill mail them to u :stuck_out_tongue: